Surveys of Enacted Curriculum

What are the Surveys of Enacted Curriculum (SEC)?

The Surveys of Enacted Curriculum (SEC) are a practical, reliable set of data collection tools being used with teachers of Mathematics, Science and English Language Arts (K-12) to collect and report consistent data on current instructional practices and content being taught in classrooms. The resulting data provide an objective method for educators to analyze the degree of alignment between current instruction and state standards and assessments. Teachers complete the Survey questions through an online, web-based system. Upon completion, the group data are reported in user friendly charts and graphs to facilitate analysis of the results. The SEC data analysis and reporting tools are intended to assist teachers, administrators, and policymakers with planning for instructional improvement in several ways:

State curriculum specialists, teachers, and researchers developed the SEC and reporting tools over the past decade. The Surveys have been field tested in hundreds of schools and classrooms through collaboration with state education agencies. The SEC are now being used in state and local projects across the U.S. The data collection, analysis, and application services are available through CCSSO and several collaborating partner organizations.

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CCSSO Project Staff
Rolf K. Blank, Director, SEC Collaborative
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