State Education Indicators

The Council is a strong advocate for improving the quality and comparability of assessments and data systems to produce accurate indicators of the progress of our elementary and secondary schools. The State Education Indicators Project is providing leadership in developing a system of state-by-state indicators of the condition of K-12 education. Indicators activities include collecting and reporting statistical indicators by state, tracking state policy changes, assisting with accountability systems, and conducting analyses of trends in education.

Systemic education improvement efforts need to be based on valid assessments of current conditions, data on the rate of improvement, and identification of problems. The Council's goal in developing education indicators is to assist education administrators and policymakers in making informed decisions. Towards the goal, Council staff conduct 50-state studies, produce reports, develop accessible websites, convene task forces and study groups, and provide state-specific technical assistance.

The Council's work on state education indicators currently includes five specific activities that each provide state-by-state information and trends analysis:

NAEP State-Level Indicators

Profiles of State Indicators

State Policies

Teacher Quality Indicators

Accountability Systems of States

Indicators Staff
Rolf Blank, Director of Education Indicators Programs,
Nina de las Alas, Associate,
Carlise Smith, Program Assistant,